"According to members of the Dietitians of Canada/Consulting Dietitians Network, these are the dietitians who are considered the best in the biz...Sharon Tateishi has been in private practice for 20 years in Calgary. Her diet plans are truly unique and are based on thorough research."
(Flare Magazine)

"Patients value her practical advice regarding diet and often innovative suggestions regarding disease management."
(Dr. Catherine Heimbach)

"The direct feedback from clients that the organization received about Tateishi's services was very positive. The testimonials were clear that the impact of nutrition counseling had a direct health benefit to these employees. This success is likely attributed to Tateishi's ability to work through complex cases and provide dietary solutions to aid in recovery or significant improvements in chronic physical symptoms."
(Gillian Gibbs-Gray, Health, Safety and Wellness, Human Resources, The City of Calgary Employee Assistance Program)

"I will miss the expertise that you have offered to many of my patients"
(Dr. Peter Nieman, Pediatrician)

"All her sessions were popular and well received. Evaluations completed by the session participants indicated that Sharon was extremely knowledgeable about the topic, very personable and approachable."
(Dianne Anton, Lunch and Learn Coordinator, The City of Calgary)

"I have found her assessments and advice to my patients to be thorough, relevant and helpful for the ongoing care of my patients"
(Dr. Brian Kelly, Pediatrician)

"Sharon provided me with practical nutrition advice and solutions to address my symptoms related to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). By changing my diet, with Sharon's assistance, I experienced a improvement in my quality of life marked by increased energy throughout the day, weight loss, and digestive regularity. When I was pregnant, Sharon offered further nutrition advice and solutions to ensure I had a healthy pregnancy. She helped me understand the importance of paying attention to WHAT I ate, not necessarily how much...The result - a healthy baby girl, and a healthy mom. I have been able to apply all the knowledge and skills Sharon taught me on a daily basis for life-long, healthy changes in my eating habits.
Thank-you Sharon!!"

(Gillian Gibbs-Gray)

"Sharon Tateishi has been my nutritionist for over 20 years. Being counseled by Sharon allowed me to give up trying innumerable diets. I have maintained the same weight for 15 years, I am a very active and health 73 year old who does not worry about weight----only lifestyle."
(Anne Goresht)

"I have been a client of Sharon's for many years and have immensely appreciated her human, knowledgeable and intuitive approach to nutrition. She has helped me understand my specific health concerns and get on a very 'livable' regime in order to be most proactive."
(Deepa Acharya)

"Thanks for helping my son Michael who struggled for many months with “mysterious” stomach ailments. His pediatrician did not know the cause of the problem and sent us to a pediatric G.I. specialist who conducted many “yucky” tests which luckily came back negative. He then referred us to you. You accurately and swiftly figured out that Mikey was … and helped him change some of his dietary habits. Within a few weeks he was feeling like his old self again, had regained weight that he had lost due to restricting food/calories because he was so fearful of eating and having stomach pain.

Now, we continue following your advice and he is doing very well.

Thanks for your wisdom and support."
(Debra Brunsten, Santa Monica, CA)

"Hi Sharon! Just wanted to give you an update! First of all thank you for all of your help during the last year. I have been healthy since we last talked (bowel wise). I am very pleased that I haven't taken my medication for over a year now! You are awesome!

Overall, I have adjusted to my food restrictions and it is now much
easier for me to create a tasty meal. I don't even miss any of the
restrictions anymore.

I hope all is well!
Thanks again for all of your help!

(Donna Faulconer)