Treatment Philosophy

Our treatment philosophy is to provide individualized dietary recommendations appropriate for the client's specific dietary and medical needs. Recommendations are only offered after extensive review of medical, lifestyle and diet history information, most of which is obtained prior to the first appointment. All dietary recommendations are based on the current literature in the nutrition and medical fields.


Sharon Tateishi graduated from University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Science, Honors Dietetics degree in 1979, followed by an internship with the Ottawa Regional Internship Program.  Her career commenced in 1980 at the Alberta Children's Hospital, where she held a position as a Clinical Dietitian, then Clinical Dietetic Coordinator until 1987. Her career path was influenced by her involvement with referrals for complex food allergies, asthma, gastrointestinal disease, weight control, and diet and behavior (ADD/ADHD). Of particular note was her participation in a diet and behavior research study with her colleague Jane McNicol, R.D., which was one of the first double-blind research studies investigating the role of diet and behavior. In 1987 she left the hospital to start her full time private practice in Calgary, Alberta, which she maintained for almost twenty years. Seeking new challenges, she relocated to the Los Angeles area in 2005, after a long and rewarding career in Canada.  During her four years in Los Angeles, she was hired by Clinica Medica San Miguel as the Chief Dietitian to develop their nutition program for a multi centered clinic. She also consulted with several Head Start Agencies completing nutritional assessments and counselling for underpriviledged preschool aged children.  Before leaving L.A. she was contracted by the Los Angles Country Office of Education to audit several of the Head Start Agencies' Health and Nutrition programs.  She also maintained a small private consulting practice in Marina Del Rey.  Recently she has relocated back to Canada.  She chose to maintain her proximity to the Pacific Ocean and chose Richmond,  B.C. as her new home. 

In her twenty-five years of private practice, she has had the long term support of local physicians, pediatricians, dentists, psychologists, insurance companies, employee assistance programs (EAPs) for several major oil companies, the City of Calgary, Family Services EAP and The Family Centre EAP. Directly before leaving Calgary, she had been selected by a number of family physicians to provide their clinics with nutrition in-services, which was funded by a major pharmaceutical company.

These health professionals and organizations were aware of her strong clinical background, her investigative abilities and her success with providing appropriate, effective nutritional counseling for clients with complicated medical conditions.

With her thorough approach, she has worked successfully with many patients who have been able to forego surgery they were told was necessary to remove damaged intestines or colons. Sharon is very effective in alleviating symptoms of irritable bowel in patients. She has worked with people on disability leave with chronic symptoms and assisted them back to work and feeling better through appropriate dietary advice. She has had tremendous success with eating-disorder patients, four of whom are now dietitians or becoming dietitians in Canada and the U.S. Allergy specialists were referring to her to isolate potential food sensitivities and intolerances when their testing methods failed to indicate any suspect foods. Pediatricians often consulted with her on their difficult failure-to-thrive cases for their infant or toddler populations. She has had much success with providing nutritional guidance in rehabilitating chronic pain patients following motor-vehicle accidents or complicated surgeries. By providing appropriate dietary advice, she has helped clients increase their muscle mass and strength, when they have not had success in the gyms with weight training. Her dietary advice has helped athletes who could not maintain their exercise regimen because of fatigue or bowel problems. Her work with ADD/ADHD resulted in requests from mothers of autistic children to assist them with their children's unique dietary requirements. She has recently attended the April, 2009 DAN (Defeat Autism Now) conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  

With her comprehensive knowledge of the nutritional sciences, years of clinical experience, and determination to work through complicated medical conditions, she has helped many patients and their families over the years. Sharon has found her career to date to have been very rewarding, both professionally and personally.  She continues to provide counseling to her clients in both the United States and Canada.


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